Dr. Resia Thompson

Dr. Resia Thompson is founder and senior pastor of The Outpour Center and Global Hope of Glory. With energies focused on education and empowerment, she works to see holistic advancement in local and global communities.

The former owner and chief administrator of a Christian academy, Dr. Thompson invested in education to affect change in Mississippi’s capitol city. After twelve years in that field, she organized community campaigns and worked with government leaders to address social ills in the state. That work prompted the mother-of-five to create Movers and Shakers, a health and wellness program that anchors physical fitness in spiritual growth. 

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Thompson established a marketing firm and began to mentor rising entrepreneurs. Today she continues to train executives and administrators through conferences and workshops like, “Merging Jacob’s Ladder with the Corporate Ladder.” Having recently founded Governing Glory Schools of Business and Ministry, Dr. Thompson now leads a network of professionals whose fiscal and vocational interests are rooted in kingdom ventures that better the world.

In over 30 years of ministry, Dr. Thompson has traveled the United States and the world, mobilizing leaders and inspiring believers in places like Central America, West Africa, France, Canada, Germany and The Caribbean. Having established her ministerial base in central Mississippi, she remains committed to nations and invested in generations by using her life, leadership and legacy to reveal the glory of God. 

For more information about Dr. Thompson, please visit www.resiathompson.org.