In September of 2010, God instructed Dr. Resia Thompson to found a ministry called Global Glory Christian Center based on Isaiah 60:1, "Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee." Less than a year after the ministry launched, the Lord introduced "The Outpour," a series of services based on his outpouring Spirit as seen in Acts 2 and Joel 2. During these services, God challenged the ministry to become a center that would consistently facilitate an outpour of his spirit, and he changed the ministry's name to Kingdom Kabod Outpour Center. This name is based on Numbers 14:21, "All the earth shall be filled (outpour) with the glory (kabod) of the Lord."

Though we are affectionately known as The Outpour Center, God’s kingdom is our foundation and His glory is the heart of our vision. As a ministry, we seek to advance the reign of God and fill the earth with His glory through:

  • The propagation of the gospel of the kingdom.
  • The release of kingdom concepts that give revelation for life application.
  • Initiatives that further the kingdom, impact the world, better the community and strengthen the believer.

As God graces us to equip His people through the ministry of the word, worship and witnessing, He continues to empower men and women to live by the Spirit, actualize the fullness of their ordained purpose, and help facilitate the outpour of His Spirit upon all flesh. Our church is humbled to join in that work.